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Tanya Harvey

Experienced in working as a coordinator in an animation production environment for a CG cartoon series. Had the opportunity be a part of a great team of people. Progressed from learning the CG process pipeline and scheduling to training assistants and transferring to a new position that focused on  the scheduling of the episodes’  the entire pipeline. Having the knowledge in both sides of CG production has broaden my contribution to the team.

Working Knowledge of Maya,  Outlook,  Photoshop,  Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Word,  Excel,  Mac & PC  

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, BFA, Animation- 3D Modeling, Graduation Date May 2006
Certification and Awards
Emmy Award for Special Animation - TV Animation Show, “Back to the Barnyard” 2007?
References available upon request

Work Experience  

Nickelodeon Animation – February 2011 to Present
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Production Coordinator February 2016 to present  

  • Manage the overall creation of an episode. Break down a script; identify what new assets are needed for each episode and also would track the storyboards, designs, animation, comp  and shipping out to post
  • Oversee many meetings with the EP, director, supervisors and artists. Documented and organized updates for the  storyboard  handouts, animatic reviews, design handouts, retakes and stock footage meetings. Then communicated any updates to the  responsible departments.
And also was in charge of sending the animatics and animation of the episodes to the studio’s network for approval
  • Shipped storyboards to our overseas vendors to start animating. Created callouts of assets needed for every scene in an episode  
  • Other responsibilities include tracking episode schedule, problem solved with any overseas and/or  in house issues.
  • Adept in working a fast-paced environment., delegated to my production assistant to help with any tasks,  and also worked with as a team.  
  • Communicate to post-production, for  any shots that  needed to updated in the episodes.

Asset Production Coordinator February 2011 to January 2016

  • Imported and exported assets to and from vendors.  
  • Tracked/forwarded any issue emails from overseas to our supervisors, then respond accordingly.  
  • Tracked the CG assets for all the episodes  
  • Tasked to the CG artists and the leads, and gave deadline according to the episode schedule  
  • Solved issues with our vendors and with our in-house artists.  
  • Also worked with managers resolving any scheduling conflicts with any of the departments  
  • Maintained communications between all the departments in the CG pipeline (namely, Modeling, Texture,Rigging and Lighting).  
  • Worked with the episodic coordinators whenever there was a need for last minute asset updates.
  • Oversaw Asset Review meeting with Executive producer, supervisors and artists.  
  • Helped with archiving a few of the first seasons on the show. Gathered all the Maya and comps files for each episode and input into our Filemaker Archiving database  

Work Experience (continued)

Omation Studios – July 2007 to January 2010
Emmy Award Winning Animation TV show "Back at the Barnyard"
Modeling Assistant   

  • Participated in daily review meetings with directors, was responsible for taking detailed notes and creating markups. Acted as liaison between the directors and the model team in India.  
  • Led meetings in modeler supervisor’s absence, reviewed and added any input to help with the process.  
  • Quality control – Led effort to ensure all files were accurate and complete.  Tasks included verifying embedded history which was not attached to files,  critical image files were linked to the appropriate textures, and the topology had “0” defects.  
  • Occasionally adjusted some models in house; and assisted creating low res proxy models
Omation Studios – July 2007 to January 2010
Emmy Award Winning Animation TV show "Back at the Barnyard" (continued)
Digital PA -Omation Studios

  • Downloaded and managed completed animated program files, organized for review  and approval by director, processed from 10 to 100 files per day.  
  • Imported files into the pipeline program GDI.  

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